Case Study Cimmaron Equity Partners

Website Address:

  • Industry: Equity and Venture Capital - California and Colorado.
  • Status: Currently online.
  • HTML design; allows for optimal search engine optimization.
  • Features a Customer Relations Management (CRM) section, which allows Cimarron employees to properly manage inquiries to the site.
  • This section of the website allows Cimarron to keep detailed notes about individuals who register with the site. This information is archived. As you can see by clicking on "B" one of my entries is labeled with a Green Light which means it is an active lead, where a Red Light indicates that the registrant is no longer active.

  • *Due to the proprietary nature of the actual content, this link shows only a sample of the database tool.

    (Cimmaron Equity Partners Home Page)

    (Custom CRM System - use login from above)