CRM & CMS Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) - the key to making websites easier to manage. With CMS, you can update specific website content and imagery at your discretion and on your timeline.

  • This practice can also be applied to online storefronts for many businesses by providing scheduling modules for companies that offer regular events such as classes, or retail outlets offering an online marketplace for visitors to make purchases directly through the website.
  • These retail outlets are fully updateable in terms of pricing and content and can interface with banking institutions to create custom, integrated shopping cart interfaces.
  • Deciding what to do with all of the customer data you've been collecting is extremely important and vital to marketing communications in today's marketplace. CRM Systems arm you with a tool to keep in touch with your customers.

  • Allows for a datastore for all online registration and request forms submittaled during site visitation.
  • Allows for addition of customer information acquired in normal offline day-to-day business to keeep all customer data in the same place and in the same format.
  • Allows for tracking of interactions with customers to ensure that processes and procedures for handling day-to-day customer interactions are taking place and adhered to.